Alok Singhal

Piscataway, NJ, USA

The credit for starting this blog goes to my wife, Saru Singhal (, who inspired me to connect with the world through this amazing medium!

I plan to write mostly on my Travels and also on Humor (check 'Categories' filter on blog); other posts include Personal Experiences, Lessons in Life, and Health Issues. There are some speeches too (mostly Humorous) from my association with Toastmasters, which i absolutely love.

I also write Sponsored Posts for various Brands.

I am lucky to have credibility from fellow bloggers and that reflects in 'Blogger Awards' link; additional Testimonials are in the form of Wins in a few blogging Contests, which one can see in 'Contest Wins' :)

I am loving all of it and hope you enjoy too. Welcome here :)

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