Allie Moran. 26 years old, from and reside in Boston. aspiring writer and photographer. nature enthusiast. borderline personality disorder and panic disorder. survivor. love animals, have a golden doodle named Lola and a Netherland dwarf rabbit named Luna. music free's my soul, raised on classic rock, daughter of a forever dead head. poetry junkie. everyday is a new one. continuously learning, and exited to do so.

My overall goal in life is to be a writer. Since I was 13 years old I have suffered from an extreme panic disorder and depression. I grew up in and out of Psych wards, residential programs, put in DSS custody. Everywhere I went, came a new journal from my parents, who did everything in their power to avoid this. Those journals documented my life and journey to borderline personality disorder. I formed BPD due to my own childish confusion and mistakes to numb pain. Borderline is probably one of the most common mental illnesses, yet most people I know, or my parents know, never heard of it. Its a horribly stigmatized illness that should not be. If I had googled Borderline when I was first diagnosed I would feel empty and hopeless, and I wouldn't be surprised if suicides haven't happened simply by doing that. I feel that I was given a platform to help other young girls and make sure they know, they are not alone. If I can help someone from spiraling into the toxicity I did, I would feel so satisfied. Being a young girl in this world is hard, but it doesn't need to be made harder. I set myself up to make my life difficult, no one to blame but myself, but everyday is a battle that I continue to survive.

you are NOT alone.