Amanda Taylor

Hey Iā€™m Amanda Taylor 28. A missouri life style and personal blogger. I just recently started really getting into blogging . Iā€™m a stay at home mom of 4 crazy but wonderful boys (twin mom) and a wife to the best šŸ’.
In late July of 2016 I had my twin boys and quit my full time job. Staying home with them has made me realize that I want to do to more useful things with my time.
I wanted to share with you how I got started on this journey. Instagram is where I do most of my sharing my fallowers grew dramatically over the last year, I got 1000. I started sharing more of my passion , like cooking , healthy recipes , kid friendly foods and my favorite my journey with health and fitness. At this point in time Iā€™m trying to learn ways to make this an income or at least make some money doing so .
This is my first real blog other than instagram and I would love to succeed with this . Any help and advice on the blogging world would be very helpful. šŸ˜Š