Amelia Brennan

Amelia Brennan is 19 years old, the fourth of six children, and from the great state of New Hampshire. She just completed her first year at Franciscan University where the Lord revealed Himself to her in ways like never before. Amelia was raised Catholic and has always loved the Lord, but a couple of years ago, she experienced the love of Christ in a new way in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and from then on, she has chosen to pursue Him with her whole heart. Being from New Hampshire, she loves the outdoors, and playing basketball and spikeball! One of her favorite things to do is take beach trips in the summer, and loves a good beach sunrise or sunset; they always remind her of how beautiful our Lord is. She loves genuine human connection found in conversation. She enjoys talking with friends about those important things in life, and also laughing with them, preferably over a nice cup of coffee at one of the many New Hampshire coffee shops. Whatever she does, she prays that it may glorify God!