Travelling has always given me a sense of escape, an escape from reality and expectation of the world/society we live in today. When I’m away, I’m not fulfilling an expectation. I am living for myself; I am running into the sea; I am going paragliding and I am living for me and no one else. Through my travels I’ve learned who I am as a person, I’ve gained an understanding of the person I want to be and I have decided what I want to do next.

People don’t realise that they make decisions because of the scenarios they are in and forget that if you can just take yourself out for a brief second, you would make such a different choice. Maybe even a better choice. I have become stronger as a traveller, in the end, I have become My Breaking Views.

With my website, I want to share not only my travels but more of myself, hence why I have opened a lifestyle page, which I will be sharing social aspects of my life. I am a very private person, but I want this space to be a place where my truth is told.

I am also 1/2 of Black Travel Creators a community for all black bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters. It’s all about creating a community for all content creators to share their stories with each other.

With this space, I hope to create events, travels and more. Check us out on Instagram and Twitter @BTravelCreators

I hope my blog will encourage you to escape the expectation of life and really see the world. I hope the lifestyle aspect allows you to create your own expectations of your own life and show you that we are all trying to live our lives in this world.

This is me: #MyBreakingViews and #BTravelCreators

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