Quezon City

Course: BA Film

Favorite Book: The Da Vinci Code (a bold, poetic and imaginative story about a concept in society that is seldom touched.)

Favorite Film: Parasite (2019) dir. Bong Joon-Ho (a masterful contribution to the Asian cinema, a film that phenomenally critiques the rich and the poor. A type of film the world hasn't seen before )

Favorite Media Practitioner: Jack Harries, Youtuber (an ordinary teenager who made videos at home in his gap year, his fame paved the way for him to help people by making documentaries around the world, and starting movements for climate change, conservation, humanity, and the like. )

Favorite Song: One Day by Matisyahu ( It's very inspiring and uplifting. Can open people's eyes and help the world be united.)

Favorite Website: Letterboxd (a website for film enthusiasts where they can log the films they've seen and want to watch; people can also review films and make lists for themselves and others; and the community updates you with new films.)

Favorite Meal: Chocolate Cake

Hobbies: Writing, reading and watching films