Hi and welcome to Andre Amsing Reviews. I'm learning how to monetize blogs and websites. And you can learn with me if you want!

Andre Amsing Reviews is the best way to save a lot of time and shorten the learning curve (the time it takes to learn to make money online).

There are smart people who have created software to help from setting up a WordPress site, to bringing in targeted traffic, to creating the graphics. Everything can be automated and there is step-by-step training to help you get to the money so much faster.

Andre Amsing only started online marketing (at 59) as he neared his retirement years. It surprised him how exciting it was to set up automated income systems. Even better, that you could learn to monetize a blog and sell it on Flippa for 10 to 30 times its monthly income.

Mentorship is the key to online success

However, having been both an online and offline entrepreneur, it must be understood that the crucial thing in order to avoid failure in business is to have a mentor that already has done it.

That's where these reviews come in. Because you have so many options that you "can't see the forest from the trees". And everyone needs someone to guide them to the right products at the right time in their online journey.

Because, as they say, "time is money". The fact is if you lose the money you can always get it back. But every hour of your time lost in going down rabbit holes that lead nowhere is lost forever. So it is much better to learn from someone else's experience and mistakes.

So enjoy your visit to my review blog
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