Andrew Katz

New York

Andrew Katz used his experience to start his own company in 2016. Following the launch of Seaquake, Katz's innovative, outside-the-box thinking and business skills resulted in rapid growth and positive steps toward his ultimate business goal of launching a native crypto platform.

Andrew Katz began his career as an equity analyst at UBS before launching his own firm. In just over a year, he advanced to the position of Equity Trader at LeGarde Capital Management's New York office. He thrived in New York, where he lived and worked in one of the world's financial centers.

Then, as a Senior Analyst, Katz made a strategic move to Zooz Capital Management, where he spent more than two years honing his trading and market analysis skills. Katz oversaw the firm's portfolio-building efforts, which included the use of FX and derivative-based volatility expansion trading models.