Ebb Then Flood

Ebb Then Flood is a place to throw out to the wider world some images ,thoughts
and ideas that would otherwise be unseen, or my "unsung songs" as it says on the tin. It is my online scrapbook really - a reaction to, and reflection on, my life and surrounds. Hopefully it gives a little inspiration to others as I continue to process those things for myself. In working on ,and posting, my pictures, I sometimes discover why I took them in the first place! Some material speaks to personal transformation ,other stuff is posted simply because it appeals to me (music ,a passion for me; the writing of others; nature and travel ,for instance) or it just looks cool IMO! Artists, writers and quotes that I share are always credited. For all else you can blame my wild imagination! I'd love to hear from any readers if you want to comment or toss ideas around. Follow me on WordPress or by email if you want to keep up with new posts.Lastly, thank you for dropping in!
Peace, Andy L.

The copyright ,2018-20, in my original writing and images,is asserted. All rights reserved.
But please feel free to share credited links!