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My name is Andy Oldham. I am the grandfather of two boys, ages 15 and 13, and a precious girl 1. The boys live 800 miles from my home. I don’t get to see them very often and so I am always looking for ways to engage them in conversation. Thank goodness for cell phones and the ability to text and call, and even send pictures to one another. Technology can be a blessing, after all.

When my Dad died, in 1995, I was reacquainted at his funeral with many relatives whom I had not seen in many years. I will never forget one of my older cousins making this statement to me and my brothers: “You are now the older generation.”

I didn’t grasp the seriousness of her statement until recently when I began to take a class in writing my memoirs. The awakening began while looking at photographs and understanding that my parents and grandparents were no longer with us. All that remained were these photos and the memories. The older generations were gone and now I stood in their place for my children and future generations. As I grew to appreciate the legacy given me, by the older generation, I began to accept responsibility to pass on this mantle of faith in God. As some of the current generation has said, I am now a fossil. Ya know what? I’m proud to be one.

A lot of us grandfather’s believe that once our children are grown and have left the nest, our responsibilities are over. We can relax and enjoy the rest of our years with no obligations to, as we say here in the south, rear anymore children. How wrong we are to acknowledge such a blind notion. I believe we have more responsibility now, than we ever had as parents.

We are now the patriarch of our family and along with this God-given responsibility there arrives in crescendo the need for commitment not only to our children, but our grandchildren for the rest of our lives. We are not only to nurture but to advise when asked, teach godly precepts and share our lives with them when they are in our presence. We are to stand in the gap. God expects of us the same for our grandchildren as our children. Pray! Pray! Pray! As the patriarch we are to surround our entire family with prayers of Thanksgiving, Joy, Thankfulness, and of course a cover of protection against this world.

There is so much I have to share, I cannot possibly tell it all at one time. I plan to share stories of the older generation before me, and stories of my own. I will share stories of my experience with my grandson’s and even some pictures from time to time.

There is so much I need to learn. My goal is two-fold. First to seek from my readers their stories of their grandfather and grandchildren; some will be humorous while others are more serious. If you send me a story please help us to understand the importance of how it relates to being a Christian Grandfather. Secondly, I have a lot of questions I need guidance for, like how to grandfather a blended family, or how to grandfather when your grandchild’s father is killed in combat. These and many others are a part of our lives and we need direction for them. I will find those who can teach us and ask them to guest blog with specific, and Godly answers.

Bear with me now, I have never blogged, and it will take a little time to understand all the aspects of it. Hang in there and I promise you want be disappointed.

Andy Oldham

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