Anett Ytre-Eide


Cultural historian with a passion for genealogy, local history, and folklore:

My love of folklore goes way back. One of my favourite childhood memories is of my father reading Asbjørnsen and Moe’s collected folktales to my brother and me. The sense of wonder and mystery never left me. So, when I went back to university to finish my degree, I chose as many folklore subjects I possibly could. I studied “Witchcraft and Sorcery in Europe”, “Folk Medicine and Black Books”, “Fairy Tales”, and several other folklore subjects.

After I got my degree, I felt a palpable void. I needed to research something. Within a month I was doing genealogy, and soon ordered my first (of many) DNA-kits from FamilyTreeDNA. Even though I love magic and mystery, I’m also a firm believer in science. After getting the results from the DNA-tests, I’ve had to re-evaluate my family tree. The results have showed me that the paper trail isn’t always right. My goal is to make sure the paper trail supports the DNA, more than the other way around, and it’s an ongoing project, a project I’m going to write about here.

Other than folklore and genealogy I also like to explore local history, especially the history of the areas where my ancestors lived, which is mainly the Norwegian west coast, but if you go further back my family also branches out of the country to Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, and Scotland. I’m lucky to have some branches that have a solid paper trail way back, which is also something I want to look at more closely.

In my blog I’m going to cover all these different areas of interest. I feel they have some overlap, and that’s worth exploring!