Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang


Harvard educated Vietnamese-born Canadian-citizen Internet Marketing Manager. Presently my registered business supplies consulting for correcting, improving and establishing a marketing strategy with internet technology. It's advantage is the strong monitoring and control tactics once the plan is implemented. Specifically, a combination of law, ethics and return on investment by lean-management. Self-directed learner driven to find sustainable proven solutions.
My business plan focuses on international clients because the local service market is over-saturated, as such one of my permanent clients is in Dharamsala India. Privately a smart candidate seeking a smart city with a credit-score above 700. Strong ability to apply theory for strategy and vision. Formal education in statistical analysis, economics, business management, digital law, iot and cybersecurity. I have been accepted to the U.S. Geographic Services, National Maps Corp. I am seeking $50,000 to lead a functional team, or accordingly for a strategic position. I am available for interviews immediately with an ideal time-frame of August 2020 to start work.

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