I'm a seminary student. I love my studies. I also love, and have always loved, to create. Anything. I love to experiment, and see how things will turn out. I like to come up with new recipes, decorating ideas, styles, gifts... I frequent recipe blogs and cookbooks, craft stores, and the like, and devour magazines to get ideas. I daydream ideas all the time. I love it when I have the time to actually try these ideas out.

What's more, at my stage of life, resources are limited, and so all of my recipes and ideas happen on a very limited budget. This is part of the fun!

I believe God has created each of us uniquely in His image. Using the gifts and talents He has given us, and learning to use them excellently and learning to share them with others brings glory to God. We certainly have a creative God, and I love that He has gifted so many with creativity! I hope you can learn from me, and that I can learn from you as we use our gifts to further His Kingdom!