Anne Marie Andrus

New Jersey

Bienvenue and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog as an introduction for Sorcha Alden, the heroine in my debut novel Monsters & Angels. I never expected to make a crowd of new friends and enjoy writing and sharing so much.
So, I'm Anne Marie, an author from New Jersey with a serious addiction to everything New Orleans.
I've worked in healthcare for over thirty years and take great inspiration from my co-workers and patients. When I'm not working or writing, I spend time at the Jersey shore on our boat, Glory Days.
I like bourbon, love music, adore coffee, and go to sporting events just to see the flyover. Except blimps, blimps are...meh.
Since the star of October 2017 will be Sorcha Alden...
Sorcha was a young, naive nurse looking for love, life's meaning and her place in the world.
She gambled and found it all, but nobody's fairy tale includes being murdered.

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