Annie James

I started writing in eighth grade when a guidance counselor suggested I keep a journal. I wish I could remember her name now because that advice was some of the best I have received.

I wrote a few diary entries, but more often I found myself writing stories instead, it felt like I was born for it. I had a poem published in the school paper that year. It was eighth grade, so the year was 1990 or 1991, Marion JR-SR high school in Marion, NY.

Life happens, and like many people do, I buried my gifts and desire to write, for many years. There were many reasons for this, ones I won't bore you with getting into.

I lived my life, had a daughter, got married. My husband inspires me so much. Just him being in my life brought that desire to write back to life. So here I am!

Also, the second best piece of advice I have received came from my Introduction to Literature professor at Finger Lakes Community College, Professor Katherine Clarke, one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She told me: "Don't doubt yourself; it just gets you into trouble"

I currently live in Kentucky with my husband and two fun-loving cats who inspired the feline characters Dirtbag and Scumbucket.
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