Tony Boncordo

I am a philanthropist and mental health social worker by background who has made the decision to take a step furhter and seek happines in living a life in 'giving mode' rather than 'taking mode'. I am nown a stress coach and I do not like to use the title 'stress management coach' as I don't believe anyone should wait until they are stressed out to manage their stress levels downstream, but the effective solution is to curb stress upstream, by getting direclty to the cause of it. I have been working painstakingly for many years to understand how some people with a history of mental health problems manage to succeed in life and overcome negative mental states without seeking help. I believe that it is all about how our perceptions of reality affect the way we assign meaning to events and experiences in life. In this blog I will share my knowledge and experience of how we can become empowered to surpass problematic states and move on in life by focusing on the things that make us tick in pursuit of the truth that surrounds each and everyone of us.