Hi, I'm Antonia! I'm 22 years old, from the United Kingdom. I'm passionate about Beauty, Hair, Lifestyle and Health. Since the age of 5 I used to go into stores (accompanied of course) and see the magazines that came with 'free eyeshadow and blusher' and would literally have a tantrum if I didn't get it. Spoilt and annoying I know.
I've been diagnosed with many different health issues so I'd like to share my past and future experiences to hopefully help others who might be going though the same and what's worked for me. My blog is to share tips, reviews, opinions, and experiences about all the above but also to use this space as a judgement free zone where we can speak about anything!
I'm quite a girly girl so I love to play with makeup but trust me I also love just as much to chill at home in an oversized T-shirt and just watch Documentaries, Movies and funnily enough News!
Come on the journey with me to have endless honest girly chats!