In the heart of Faisalabad, Pakistan two brothers Salman Ghani and Kamran Ghani are running an extraordinary and exciting letterpress shop.
The shop has opened its doors back in 1975 by their parents and the two brothers have taken over their activities back in 2002, making them the second generation owning and running the shop. A One Block and Letterpress deal with a lot of activities regarding zinc and copper blocks (handmade) for letterpress printing and hot foil stamping, embossing, screen printing, offset printing, heat transfers onto textile, spot UV and a lot more. Zinc and copper plates are one of their main specialties.

For their activities, the brothers make use of old hand-driven letterpress presses as well as power-driven machinery. Some of their machines are well known in the business like Heidelberg, Katana5055, and Kodak. The handmade printing blocks of copper and zinc are produced with high accuracy and a lot of enthusiasm, they add gold foil (and other sorts of foil) to any print work desired. From packing materials to high end hang tags. You can say they turn everything to gold if they get their hands on it.
With the slow and relatively poor economy in Pakistan, their main focus lays abroad. The Ghani brothers are determined to gain a foothold in a more international market for their work, but opportunities occur sporadically. On the other hand, when they see a chance, they immediately grab it with both hands and the results are eye-popping. It’s no secret these brothers are determined in what they do and the effort they put into their work is magnificently professional.

So if you have to get some print work done with gold finishing or any other finishing for that matter, please contact the Ghani brothers! You get absolute value for your money: