New York

Celiacs eat pasta too. And cake. And bread. And pizza. And cookies. And the list goes on... My goal is to focus on the wonderful foods my fellow Celiacs and I CAN eat as there are so many delicious naturally gluten free foods (fruit! quinoa! chicken!) and some really wonderful gfree versions of your typically gluten filled favorites out there (which you might even prefer!). When I first was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I went on a googling frenzy. Googling local restaurants. Googling my favorite cookies. Googling my lipstick. And thankfully there are a lot of awesome people out there who are willing to share their experiences on the gluten free diet. They have made my life so much easier, and I am hoping that my contributions will do the same for others. A little bit about me... As of August 1st 2014, I am four months gluten free :). Before my diagnosis, I endured a year and a half unpleasant digestive symptoms before finding out gluten and I were not meant to be. The first gastroenterologist I saw performed an endoscopy, did some bloodwork and told me I had IBS and chronic acid reflux. I went home with a script for some antacids and thought that was that. Except the these pills did zilch. I then tried my best to adhere to a "stomach friendly" acid reflux diet. I continued to feel like a very active Mount Vesuvius. Finally, I saw a second doctor, and after a blood test, I was told my body contained the antibodies all of us Celiacs share... I had given up alcohol for a few months to see if this would calm my acid reflux so my first reaction to this diagnosis was "Yayy! I can drink again!" (I think many 25 year old ladies and gents who enjoy the occasional night gallivanting with friends might feel the same). I proceeded to have lots of wine...but then I began to do some more research...and realized things were going to get complicated... Did I mention this happened six months before my wedding? Fun stuff. As someone who never understood the motto "eat to live," I was devastated (one of my lowest moments was probably when I looked up at the ceiling in the shower and screamed hysterically "McDonald's - why don't you likeee meeee anymoreeee?") It is a rough start for anyone. And life will change. But as I'm learning it's not always a bad thing....I've learned about new foods (millet! amaranth!)...I've explored new places (New York City is an excellent playground for a Celiac) ...I've gone out of my comfort zone...and discovered a whole new cuisine of sorts...there are some talented chefs who have really mastered this gluten free thing. My optimism slowly began to kick in (especially when I began to realize how the gluten free diet was making me feel...energetic! smart! ready to confidently glide down the aisle in the most unforgiving color in the world!). My hope is that this blog might help others the way the blogosphere helped me....maybe I will have the honor of introducing you to a new dish...or help you feel more confident about dining out. Bottom line - there is actually a lot you can eat!! And it will be delicious.