Media 230
Course: Master of Library and Information Science

Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings (Omnibus) - because of the depth of the world's unfolding, the exploration of character in the face of evil, and the spirituality infused and lurking in the crafting of it.

Favorite Film: The Lion King - because this is the first film that we watched as a family and I remember it rocking me to my core.

Favorite Media Practitioner: Ernie Baron because he inspired my younger self to learn and seek knowledge. News watching was never over without watching his weather report and knowledge segment.

Favorite Band: Eraserheads particularly "Huling El Bimbo." because ... the melody and story of it never fails to stir my soul.

Favorite Internet Site: - used to be an image aggregator, now it is an aggregator / space for discussion of all kinds of topics.

Favorite Meal of all time: The last birthday party meal I had with my grandfather.

Hobbies: Reading.