G. Jacks Writes

G. Jacks started writing creatively when she was seven years old and takes pride in the ability to learn more about herself and the world she lives in through the written word. Her passion, love and need to continue write and express the empathized emotions, perspectives learned every day is both a treasured and inspiring gift she hopes to never lose. She aspires to become a staff writer and to have a few of her pieces published one day, but most of all she aspires to inspire any and all that she can.

G. Jacks is a freelance dramedy, comedy, mystery/suspense, short story author, and screenwriter. With three short films written and produced under the belt, G. Jacks currently strides to put the finishing touches onto her first feature length screenplay. When she’s not writing, drinking coffee or re-watching I Love Lucy episodes, she likes to lie upside down over her bed and watch Netflix.

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