Arly Marv

Arly Marv is a builder, using music as a tool to construct the world around him. Born in Brooklyn, New York. His family moved to Long Island when he was just in grade 5. He attended Nassau Community College and Hofstra University. It’s at Hofstra University that he soon realized what he wanted to do in life. He found himself in music.

Determined to be successful, he traveled to different cities (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Philadelphia) and countries (United states, Haiti, Canada). “With just a dream and a bus pass.” Through a chance email, he landed an opening spot for Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan at a hip-hop show in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Why Canada? You may ask. Arly will simply reply, “I’m globally building.” With the help of the World Wide Web there is no stopping him. He is busy at work doing countless open mic to fine tune his performance skills. Networking daily with others. He is building his music empire brick by brick. Arly Marv realizes that music can be used as a mass communication tool to reach a vast majority of people. He truly believes music can change the world around him. He produces song for other artists and plays the role of mentor to young aspiring artists. When listening to Arly Marv’s songs you get a clear understand of what his vision is: “Young, optimistic and about the future.”

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