I have dealt with alot in my life, but the outcome is... ME :-) I have dealt with mental illness, physical disabilities, substance abuse , eating disorders, self mutilation, and on. Life is what you make it; I want to inspire people to have courage and be themselves in this world; whatever sex,religion, political, age, ethnicity, mental or physical state,ETC. Differences make us who we are! Nothing about an individual makes them "lesser". I fight stereotypes on a daily basis; do NOT let society dictate your value. Know yourself and be confident in the wonder that is you!
I created my blog to inspire others and Impart my experiences in the hope that it may brighten someones day and/or give an idea or spark an interest in someone :-)
I was a Philosophy major at CNU . I have also studied Psychology and Business and am a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (specializing in corrective exercise and senior fitness ). I am also a peer counselor and advocate for NAMI (mental health).

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