Arun Kamble

"Born in Ambala, Punjab (now in Haryana) bought up in Pune to a military personal. Basically from Maharashtra, INDIA, am very much attracted to South India way of clothing, North Indian style of commanding, Maharashtra style of free and fair thinking and development in all spears of life. A strong strong believer of Dr. Babasahed Ambedkar (Architect of INDIAN CONSTITUTION) and Gautam Buddha (Spreading logical thinking and peace in world). I loved outdoor sports such as Football, Cricket and Handball with no specific role models as I love and enjoy the game more than following. Had played cricket for Poona Club for 1 year and College Team, tried for Maharashtra Ranji Team, not selected but learnt a lot. Equally weak in indoor sports as i have never tried any.

User Interface Developer by choice, making a journey from DTP Operator to Flash Developer to Web Designer to User Interface Designer to current. Moving forward to Front End Architect level in coming period.

Because of highly craze in computer world, i attend lots of related and non related seminars happening in Pune and Mumbai from C-DAC, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM etc. Have lots of seminar videos than movies.

Keeping watch in technical world with self update in accordance with market trends makes me happy, satisfied and active.

Hates castism and racism, believes in world peace and progress."