Ascension Leadership Academy

San Diego, CA

Ascension Leadership Academy was founded by Brad and Jenna Ballard, a couple who had a vision of being the first leaders to offer this type of work to the San Diego area while creating a place where others can step into their fullest expression of leadership. They now offer the in-person trainings in San Diego, California and Austin, Texas. They knew it was their calling to work alongside true leaders as they taught them how to develop other leaders. Their stand is that everyone they coach chooses to be a student of life for life. They believe in living their breakthroughs, not just having them.

ALA held its first training in May of 2016 with a group of 29 students. Over a thousand students have graduated from ALA’s curriculum and they have watched businesses 10x, marriages be saved, relationships be healed, dreams come to life, proposals at graduations, and a tribe unlike any other be formed.

They were coached and trained by some of the most highly skilled trainers in the world, and their mentors supported them in developing a clear path to change the game of transformation and modernize these trainings that were developed decades ago.

Their style of leadership has inspired countless leaders to also create their own transformational centers and their ripple effect - or tidal wave - of leadership continues all across the nation.