Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I'm an 11 year old autistic girl... Welcome to my world.

Recently, I have started secondary school, a big change from a school with only 60 people in it; as well as dealing with problems with friends and family which seem impossible to resolve, and much, much, more.

I have found that writing a blog has helped me to escape the outside world, and express my feelings without being embarrassed. Here I explain my life, giving tips and tricks to help people on the spectrum, assuring those people that they are not alone. As well, I share reviews, my stories, and lots besides.

I've discovered that I am not alone, that my parents, stepparents, half-brother and both of my half-sisters are all there for me, and not to mention my new friends. Please continue to read my blog, and journey with me as I battle through life, experiencing the bad, and good.

Welcome to my world.