Authentically Autistic Hippie Chick

46 year old single mother of an autistic son and neurotypical daughter, I received my official diagnosis Sept 27, 2018. A survivor of domestic violence, it's been the fight of a lifetime across two states for seven years now working to get things straight for this family. Being 'lost' for the majority of my life, I have been learning that I am not alone. There is a global populace of us, misdiagnosed or not diagnosed, that were just missed because Asperger's was not added until 1994. I am learning there's a strong connection between domestic violence victims and autism, as we are less likely to be believed by the authorities we report our abuse to. I am learning that autistic parents are very misunderstood by the system that they seek the help from. I share our story, in hopes to change things, so this does not continue to happen to recovering families. Angel Love... S.