Aspirational Autistic is a personal activism project by Taylor Linloff, a 25 year old #ActuallyAutistic nonbinary femme from Nova Scotia, Canada.
Aspirational Autistic serves to share my personal story and experiences of being a late-life diagnosed autistic individual; along with the intersections of mental health, LGBT identity, and rural stigma and lack of resources that stem from the Nova Scotian doctor's crisis, as well as lack of a general lack representation in the media.
I hope to inspire, to share, to inform, and to stand alongside you all in my journey for autism acceptance and mental health advocacy. In that respect, Aspirational Autistic is based in my own opinions, and does not reflect on those of others (including those I work for or with), nor is it a professional medical opinion, and therefore cannot replace medical treatment. Please seek a mental health/medical professional in regards to any personal concerns or treatment.

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