Hello everyone,

My name is James Brown. Unfortunately the good Lord did not give me the gift of sing nor dance. However I have learned over the years he has given me many other gifts. Thru his grace and mercy I found my salvation just about three years ago at the rip age of 35. I had started back attending church shortly after that , within weeks. Once I had I felt the call on my life to serve our God in the pulpit. I have been studying the word and working towards that ever since. I have not yet been ordained but have started my journey in that direction. Currently Iam looking at a few different christian studies programs and plan to use them for my future in ministry as well as to help me in learning and understanding Gods word on a deeper level. Between my personal studies and what I hope to recieve from my education and help thru local pastor I pray to become closer to Christ and serve God well. I pray that all who reads my post will be closer to Christ and find their salvation thru Christ words that I diligently study and put to paper so to speak for all who desires to read. Thank you all for visiting and God bless.