The Most Sought After Chief Revenue Officer – CRO Fortune 500 Corporate Trainer and Startup Success Coach with 10 Years of study, innovation and teaching in the WORLD.

I identify challenges in areas such as, finance, paid advertising, culture, and offline & online systems.
• Founder and CEO of Accelerated Media Group
• Fortune 500 Corporate Trainer
• Thousands of hours of corporate and personal success training
• 10 Plus Years of study, innovation and teaching world wide
• Motivational Speaker

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to deliver custom solutions for corporations such as Atlanta Tech Park, RapPlug, Nascar, Dthera Sciences, Music Labels, Atlanta Falcons, CAA, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Trinity Sports Firm, Reminx, Lyft, Furkids, Social House Leader, Nitelines Government Staffing and Solutions, Air Force, US Army, Costco and many more…

My main mentor and business partner is the former CIO for Samsung and helped to create the BlackBerry and its Network and the reason for its success.


Sharing Inovating Solutions Based On The Consumer Feedback and Actions
Software & Product Solutions
Marketing Funnel Automations and Monetization
Revenue Leak Mechanic
Technology Strategy, Planning and Direction
Business Process Automation
Infrastructure Design and Implementation
Technology Integration

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