I am a very spiritual woman. I’m the person you would see somewhere in public dancing down the grocery store aisles or outside, staring up at the trees. It’s not easy being seen as an “odd ball” or “immature” in adult society, but it’s what makes me, me. My ability to enter such a beautifully spiritual level and feel child like bliss is such a blessing! Though I sometimes curse the overwhelming amount of emotions I feel (as well as the absorption of other’s emotions) I realize that it is more a gift to be able to feel so strongly than not feel anything at all.
I believe God blessed us with our gifts to impact others, and spread positivity. Through our gifts, we can create a feeling of togetherness in this crazy sinful world.

Why I am sharing my writing:
If one person can read my poetry and feel less alone in this world or find healing, I did His work.

What my poetry is about:
I write about specific moments/experiences I’ve had. I write about how I feel and how I wish I didn’t feel. I write about love (whoever my crush was/is currently), I write about my sins. I write about my questions in life.
Most my writing is expressed through poetic prayers or were originally written to be song lyrics. I also have some blissful moment poems as well as depression moment poems.

Something personal:
I live with a sleeping disorder (narcolepsy) that has been a huge obstacle and has caused a lot of problems and grief in my life. But I must say, that the creativity that branches from it plays a huge part in allowing me to share my feelings dreams desires and soul through poetry. It’s amazing how something that has held me back in life can still give me such a strength. It’s ☯️

To take all my years worth of notebooks, finish the unfinished poems, and bring them to the digital world. Wish me luck!

Thanks for listening and enjoy!