Fairbanks Alaska

Christian, Alaskan, patriot, wife, mom, writer, reader, Bible student, Bible teacher, non-partisan, hiker, freedom lover, aurora watcher.

I grew up in a divided family. Dad was a classical liberal and union organizer who belonged to the Democratic Party because he believed labor deserved a voice in government. Mom was a fiscal conservative who believed passionately that she had as many brains and as many rights as any man. She was a non-partisan because she couldn't agree with any political party that didn't agree with both her firmly held beliefs. They taught me that it was okay to disagree, to talk about it, and to hold your opinion, even against arguments that others considered perfectly valid. They also taught me that it was okay to walk away as friends and agree to disagree.

I've "evolved" politically as I've grown spiritually and intellectually. In other words, I think and I learn.

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