Blogtastic Food


Hey there I'm Nicolas (Nick) and I have been a lover of food for quite some time now. I guess it is because of the creative side I've always had. I am a 20 year old guy who has been inspired through cooking school, experience in the industry and Jamie Oliver being my hero.

When it comes to food i prefer not to have an egotistical/stubborn view about it. For example, "this kind food is the best" or "this is the only way you should prepare caviar". Instead, I like to have an open mind and embrace, learn and have as much fun with it as i possibly can, from cooking up a medium rare steak to making the perfect lemon meringue pie, and also learning about something unusual/unheard of (at least in the Western Society I live in). However I have an ambition to change that "I" to an "us", and start an awesome food community. Sharing any ideas, recipes, photos etc.

I personally feel that a lot of the time because of the society and food we are surrounded by, good cooking can be taken for granted. So i wanted to build a community to grow as cooks and to also have fun with it. :)