Hi! I am Ratna and I live in Delhi.I am a person with multiple hobbies.I am fond of travelling and exploring places.I love to do gardening ,though not so good at it but it gives me a sense of being close to nature.I am fond of doing lot of DIY/ creative stuff but I am really passionate about cooking.Being a nutritionist by profession,the knowledge about foods and nutrition have really helped me in pursuing my passion.Presently being a full time homemaker and my passion for cooking led to the birth of my blog.Through this blog I wish to share the recipes which I cook in my own kitchen in a very simplified way using best of ingredients .Through my recipes I also intend to promote home cooked food and the idea of cooking certain dishes which otherwise for many people are meant to be eaten at restaurants only.
So I start my journey with the hope that it turns out to be helpful to many bringing a positive change into their lives.
Please support and connect with me. Your suggestions can be helpful in improving my blog further.
Stay tuned and happy.....................................