Chloe King - Erotic Author

Chloe King was born in Wales. She lives with her two cats and a dog to keep her company. Surrounded in lush green fields, nature and an ancient language, Chloe writes erotic novellas and hopes to have a full-length published at some stage. Chloe is publishing with Plaisted Publishing House Ltd in New Zealand.

Chloe King loves to write short stories which are erotic in nature. Descriptive and entertaining as well. Chloe’s first set of novellas under the series of ‘Jemma’s Diary,’ describe her life from being a girlfriend and losing her virginity to a mother of two. Some scenes are not suitable for those who suffered sexual abuse. Read at your own risk.

Chloe has also released a short story called ‘The French Kiss.’ Not what you think either though still erotic with some BDSM scenes.

Chloe has also started to write short stories on her blog. Come and join her and have an exciting read. You may need your partner at home… Or so she’s been told.

You can contact Chloe at: