The chronicles of a man who struggles with depression and autism while going thru a family medicine residency. I will discuss issues including a unique view of medicine and medical issues thru autistic eyes. As it is not usually for someone with autism being in such a field that requires so much personal contact, I feel that my blog is unique and thus has something to offer many readers, or so I hope.

I will have multiple posts regarding medicine issues: mostly my experiences as a health care provider who deals with pediatrics, ob/gyn and end of life care. Also how I deal with specific issues such as patients dying, personal hygeine, etc.

I will also post on depression and how it affects my life and alters my view.

But the main focus of my blog will be on autism. Being diagnosed with it, being a teenager and surviving highschool with it.. My experiences in an ivy league school with this "disorder", my experience in medical school which is full of type a personalities. And finally, practicing as a Doctor in a high stress, high human contact field.