I'm one of the many people who discovered that they are on the autistic spectrum as an adult, indeed, in my mid-forties. I'd always assumed that I was just a little socially inept, despite having a reasonably large circle of friends and associates, I often felt along in a crowded room.

A long term injury placed restrictions upon my physical mobility, that said, I through myself into various things with typical enthusiasm. It was once stated, by a long term partner that "You don't have hobbies, you have obsessions." It's true, for example, I've climbed mountains, included some of the UK's highest and most technical (Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Pen y Fan included, whilst on crutches, in the name of what I considered to be a hobby and other's considered to be a bit more life-absorbing.

It's true, I assumed that everyone who had a hobby became incredibly passionate about it. I was a very successful DJ on the UK and European Gothic scene, the music of which and running events was indeed an obsession, but one which afforded me the chance to hide behind a drink and a set of decks.

Then there was Switzerland, the bikes, the mountains, the open expanses with very few people; even in the busy resorts.

Now, I'm back in the UK. embarking on new adventures and learning how to make the best of my unique and special, albeit, challenging life.