Ayodele Ojurongbe

I am Ayodele Ojurongbe. I am also known as Ayo Ojurongbe Jr. on radio, TV and the Nigerian movie industry, known as 'Nollywood' ). I have worked in broadcast stations of some of Nigeria’s foremost cities: Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation- Ilorin, Ogun State Television- Abeokuta, Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State- Ibadan, Nigerian Television Authority - Ibadan, Galaxy Television- Ibadan, Lagos Television, and Radio Lagos/Eko F.M. among others.

I trained and worked as radio and television broadcaster, freelance journalist, media/ communication/ development consultant, as well as an actor in Nigeria. I had my BA in Communication and Language Arts, graduating with honors from the University of Ibadan. In 2000, I also obtained my MA in Communication and Language Arts from the same University.
I have since added MS and PhD degrees in Development Communication from the University of Philippines, Los Banos.(2017 and 2021 respectively).
I am the presenter and producer of Nigerian TV game shows such as,’ Be my Guest’ and ‘the A.Y.O show’. In the Nigerian movie/home video industry (Nollywood), I am most popular for the role of ‘Femi Ajibade’ which I played in the long running Soap Opera, Heavensgate.
I have received various awards, and recognition, which include my nomination by the United States Information Agency, (USIA) to the International Visitor in the US program in 1998. The program took me on a training tour of 5 states in the US.
I have also received 2 'Best Voice' Awards in the Documentary category of National Television Festival( NTA Television Festival/Telefest) 1993 and 1994 respectively.

My most recent Awards and Honors are the following which I received at the completion of my PhD in Development Communication;
PI GAMMA MU International Honor Society in Social Sciences, (UP Chapter) May 17, 2021
PHI KAPPA PHI International Honor Society, (UP Chapter) August, 20, 2021
Research Excellence Award-2021, Eureka Publications, July 17-1, 2021
Recipient, University of Philippines Presidential Scholar Award, July 2015 and August 2017
Recipient, University of Philippines Los Baños Ambassador Award, June 2017

In addition to my academic background, I also have over twenty years of work experience. The work experience includes training experiences in Nigeria, the United States and in the Philippines. The experiences were in the Media/Communication industry, as well as in Development Research and Journalism. They spanned job duties and responsibilities in Broadcast Journalism/Presentation, Broadcast Management as well as in Media, Communication and Development Consultancy.
I have also presented academic papers at Internatonal conferences in Malaysia and Thailand as well as in The Philippines.

To put my knowledge and skills to fuller use, I am now a Content Writer/Blogger,Personal Coach, and a Media/Development/Comunication Consultant with a focus on Rhetoric and Advocacy.