Omnipresent ;)

Social Media Strategist & Content Marketer/Writer by profession.
Life and Relationship Coach by passion.

Weaving ideas and imagination with words is my favorite work. I wear many hats and have many quills dipped in several ink-pots, so you can always find variety and colors in my work.

I'm a foodie & avid reader! A die-hard dog and ice-cream lover. I enjoy dancing, luxury traveling, shopping (dresses and footwear), yoga, psychology, astrology, numerology & chess!

My philosophy is, "Our life is what our thoughts make it"!!!

I’m an expert in product/company and personal branding.

You can see me as a results-oriented professional, skilled at inspiring individuals and companies to incorporate their marketing and branding efforts with a social media marketing and social branding strategy.

I work to assist business owners and professionals with their personal and company branding, helping them capitalize on the power of social media.

I work with:

✓ BRANDS & BUSINESSES – Companies who want to maximize their online activities to increase visibility and profitability. I advise, consult, and implement a result oriented social media strategy.

✓ PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS – People looking forward to build their personal brand. I help them create the influence and impact to be seen as the leading EXPERT in their niche.

✓ CAMPAIGN & EVENT PLANNING – People and companies looking for a large engagement through a campaign or an event. I create engaging & attracting social media strategy that calls the audience to take an action.

I also have significant experience in personal and relationship coaching. If you cannot see what's bright in your life, come to me and I'll show you, your Sun, Moon and Stars.

I'm here to make you a STAR and create MAGIC in your life. You can always contact me for business and guidance.

Drop an email on regarding counseling and for business.

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