Stefani Hutchison

I am a stay at home mother of one wonderful son. Married over 25 years to a wonderful man who puts up with all my moods. I am a published writer who loves to read, crochet, cook and bake, play on the computer and spend time with my family.
I'm a fan of Survivor, Big Brother, Ghost Hunters, The First 48 and LivePD.
I love a good debate, have strong opinions and was in the convent for 2 years after graduation. I am also the survivor of two family members who committed suicide, lost my mother to prescription drug addiction, endured a childhood of anger, loneliness and abuse and lives with General Anxiety Disorder. I am also vehemently opposed to Scientology and all it stands for. As a Never-In I want to reach the average person not intimately familiar with this cult. I would like my writing to open serious thought and discussion about what Scientology is really about.
You can find me on Twitter @UltioetVeritas where I expose Scientology lies, defend Mike Rinder from Fair Game attacks and support anyone who has left the cult.

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