Arnav Banerjee

As they often say -“The first Impression is the last impression”. But I strongly feel that “The First Impression tends to be the only impression”. Whether its about having the very first conversation with your favourite person over a cup of coffee or a writers’s first manuscript. I believe, having a good start is the perfect foundation for everything. Hello, my name is Arnav Banerjee, and speaking of domain, I am an Engineer and as a breed trait of every Engineer, I love "Experimenting". Yep! I like to try out new stuffs and check out how it works out. I still remember the day when I first experimented with my writing. I tried writing a short piece and as it happens, people really loved the finished product. They praised it and complimented my work and yeah, thats right, you got it! I became a writer (sort of) by accident! That’s when I thought - " Hey, why not share and introduce my side of the world with the real world ". This thought made me start my own website here : “Arnav's World” and I started this website with that first writeup itself as my first blog post. This website/blog is my playground for experimentation. So what is special here? Well, speaking of speciality , I have always focussed on Variety. So yeah, while exploring this website, you might see some articles or writeups residing on my blog, or you might just come across some of my Artworks . While you scroll, you might also pass by my technological Research works and my youtube videos too. Yeah, there is a lot here. Speaking specifically of my articles, I always try to keep my language subtle and simple so that it remains reader-friendly to most of the global audience. Finally, feel free to explore this website and share your views on it. I can guarantee that you will always find something of your interests and taste here. Lastly I hope you guys will enjoy scrolling and if you have any kinds of suggestions for me or if you like my work and you feel like sharing your thoughts on it, please do let me know by connecting with me through the social links I have put in this page. Your feedbacks are happily welcomed. Thank you and enjoy!