Barbara Franken

Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain

IAM Barbara, a Creative Visionary, both Divine and Human. I live with my husband Tom on the beautiful Mediterranean Coast in Benalmadena, Spain and together we enjoy a relaxed, peaceful and balanced life… walking in nature, exploring beautiful places, meeting interesting people, tasting good foods and wines and travelling across the seas to visit our family and friends.

I love to express All that IAM through my Art, Photography, Writing and consciously be me, my magnificent self. My creative expression allows me to expand beyond my Human challenges and the goings on in the world and remain passionate, vibrant and true to my DivineHuman self.

I inspire New Energy Consciousness... Inspiring those who choose... to listen to their own heart and participate in their own truth of being their Magnificent Self and MasterCreator… to expand into a new experience of no-time and go beyond the limited mind and physical reality and live a life of joy, harmony and freedom.

New Energy Consciousness is filled with abundant potential… beyond everything imaginable or ever experienced. It allows Magnificent MasterCreators to live and experience the embodiment of their Divine IAM presence, here on Mother Earth… experiencing being New Energy Pioneers and Grand Masters and Creators we all truly are.

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