Barbara Franken

Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain

IAM Barbara, a Creative Writer, Artist and New Energy Consciousness Pioneer living with my husband Tom on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. Embracing a life of freedom and celebration in each moment, no matter what is happening!

My Passion and Mission...

My love for creative writing and painting helps me to document my Ascension journey that allows me fulfil my mission for inspiring Humanity to explore, discover and express their own unique and essential place in the heart of Our Magnificent World.

My Vision...

Hearts AWAKENING to their highest potential, INTEGRATING with their Multi-dimensional Body Consciousness and EMBODYING their truth right here on the Earth plane for them to live a life of celebration.

We all find ourselves living in extraordinary times...

It is a great shift of consciousness. A time and opportunity for all humanity to naturally expand consciousness and bring in New Energy to serve in new and wondrous ways.

Hearts are opening wide to receive new truths of who we are and what life is all about.

Hearts are choosing to step out of old enslaved and dramatic lives to embrace a new multi-dimensional reality in all freedom and celebration.

We are the New Standards, Multi-Dimensional DivineHuman's who are ready to live a most sensual and magical experience right here on the physical plane.

What I discovered on my own journey, fully opened my heart to realise the truth of Our Magnificent World and My Magnificent Self... AND has inspired the Artist and Writer within to share my story... my experience with YOU.

My True Love Story...

I have published my ASCENSION Journey, Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom. A journey falling in love with ALL of myself that allowed me to step out of the Human game of success & failure and live a life of love and unity. The energy of my book will inspire YOUR heart to open and sense your own truth.

My Class...

AND created a MasterCreator Class, local and online for you to commit to and celebrate your own Mastery and Creator Being Self, lovingly observing yourself integrate and embody your Divine Multi-Dimensional Self in preparation of birthing your own new role as New Energy Consciousness Pioneer AND be the new standard.

My Charity...

With donations received from my books and classes I fund my Charity Association Consciencia Magnifica that brings FREE local Creative Art Projects to our children AND people struggling with Wellness.

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