1. Course: BA Film
2. Favorite book: "The Art of Thinking Clearly", i find this book interesting because it helps me think more rationally. It also points out various "cognitive errors" in which one encounters in their day-to-day.
3. Favorite movie: Gone Girl, for its plot and the acting of Rosamund Pike
4. Favorite media practitioner: David Fincher, his films have different plot twists to them which i find very interesting.
5. Favorite song of all time: You're Still The One by Shania Twain, for its catchy tune and sweet message
6. Favorite internet site: Zomato, a site that lets its users see reviews of different restaurants. It's very convenient when going around a city I don't go to often.
7. Favorite meal of all time: Kare-kare, i love the creamy peanut butter (?) sauce even without bagoong. It always have been a comfort food of mine.
8. Hobbies: Going to the gym, cooking (also researching and experimenting on different recipes), binge-watching series on Netflix