Here, you will enter a world all about ME! I'm a Gemini, with many different personalities! (My husband refers to me as one through six.) I started this blog as a gentle release. I'm an introvert, I prefer to be left alone. My behaviour is so often misunderstood. Social interactions suck the life out of me. Time alone is much needed, where I can recharge and get my head back on straight. I do not remain quiet out of shyness. I'm only deciding how you will suffer in my next novel. Did I mention that I'm a writer? I absolutely adore poetry and LOVE blood and guts! I also enjoy cooking, gardening and music. I've always been captivated by the sound of the cello. This recipe completely heals my soul! "When you're strange, people come out of the rain"

┬ęD.J. Woelders, 2019.

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