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Hello,Gorgeous or Hello,Handsome!

Welcome to my all things BEAUTY,D.I.Y.,candy,food,travel and lifestyle blog. I love it all.
I enjoy eating out and to cook, so if you are a'll love my beauty secrets,hauls,recipes and reviews . I also love to travel too. So I will post about delicious places I dine at too. From mom and pop places to exotic foodie spaces. Oh and did I tell you I am in love with food trucks all over the country. #shopsmall #eatlocal #eatsmall
I hope you like my Blog and enjoy a yummy fun slice of me in your inbox.

I am happy to have you read my words and can't wait to learn more about YOU too.
Live a delicious life and live each day as if it was your last. I do!


Remember my mantra and slogan is:
"A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine"
Noreen Young

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