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Hey guys, this is me, Diksha Suman.
I am the founder of this beingsheblog.
I am a student of social work and disaster management( I am not showing off my degree, I am telling you all only because this world loves degree more than knowledge and wisdom).
I feel I am an abnormal child trying to be normal and fix myself in this not so fixed world. But then I end up being more abnormal because people want me to live their way, society is being more poisonous day by day so I am happy being called "Abnormal" with my ways of living life. I feel that I breathe for dreaming, sometimes I feel what if I die leaving those dreams behind but then if I can see, I can surely do it. I don't know what destiny has decided for me but I know what I have decided for myself. I am allergic to fake world, because real world suits me better. I am so much into nature that I can live freely in the lapse of nature without a "home sweet home". Yes, I am an all-time reader and writer, writing is something which brings Peace in my life. I wanna be a successful writer one day, I want people to see this world through my eyes at least once. Plus with all these realities of my life, yes i wanna do something great for this world before an exit. I won't tell you much about this because I do believe in " Fake it till you make it" , let me do and show you all, may be like a surprise for you all, till then love me and support me.
Telling more about me will include SRK forsure, because I love him so much, I wanna meet him once, I wanna hug him once, i want him to kiss my forehead once, an autograph, a picture and it will surely complete my life.
Yes, I do believe in God, especially Krishna, Maa Durga, and Shiv Ji, and that tells that I am a religious person.
I have worked as a Co-writer for few books like- "Spectrum of thoughts, The Girl, Flavours of Instagram, Carnation, Deep quill, Love to break up."

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