Belinda G Buchanan Author

I am an author of edgy, women's fiction (yes, that means what you're thinking) and mystery novels. The characters that I write about are not perfect. They are far from it, actually. Even heroes have a chink in their armor. It's what makes them human.
My stories are filled with emotion, intimacy, drama, and hope. If you like these things and don't mind a few racy scenes or a sprinkling of profanity here and there, then my books are for you.
I have written four novels: "After All Is Said And Done", "The Monster of Silver Creek", "Seasons of Darkness", and the recently released "Tragedy at Silver Creek".
I currently reside in the bluegrass state with my wonderful husband, who tirelessly puts up with me talking about my characters as if they were a part our family, and two sons. Also residing with us is a menagerie of animals that includes two persnickety cats, a hamster, and one dog that thinks he's a person.