All for God

Simply stated: I am a daughter, wife, mom and grandma. I am a believer (Catholic/Christian), former home educator and an active registered nurse in the operating room.

I take nature photos (included in my blog), hike and fall off bikes – NOT on purpose!! I enjoy reading but usually end up watching TV. I enjoy writing, using punctuation marks (…) and am the self-designated family historian.

My most favorite place to be is sitting beside water (ocean/lake/babbling brook). I start & end my day in prayer and strive to continue my conversation with God throughout the day.

I have struggles (usually self-imposed). I am active in recovery and I’m still trying to learn how to trust in God–especially when it comes to my kids!! Over the years, I’ve lost my home due to natural disaster and, more recently, lost my mom due to cancer – needless to say, I wrestle with God more often than I’d prefer to admit…

This is part of who I am: broken, bruised, flawed…I’m in the process of healing, learning and being loved beyond measure by a caring, merciful God.

Thank you for stopping by. It is my hope that you, dear reader, will find encouragement and love…subscribers are most welcome!!