My Journey.. started earlier in life as a Lawyer, business analyst and procurement advisor. It has been extremely rewarding; busy girl living in a busy town.

Time passed and a wrinkle, I had never been so determined at getting passed lost time, healthy living and the green life. Time just flies before you know it you are frozen 😉

Yep, I caught on with time, sleeping more, working smart, the green life and DIY.
It has been a year thus far; stretch marks still here but I have been so happy about the products I’ve brought into my home. Guys I’m a chemist now, mixing and treating myself using my extensive knowledge of essential oils. Let me tell you, Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree, Vitamins C & E are major problem solvers.

Bella’s Resolution - A resolution on a path of beauty encourages the you to express yourself through beauty, fashion, arts and craft.

Here is where we share ideas and review products as well as online marketing while having a laugh and some cupcakes. Follow this journey and remember, you deserve to feel beautiful. You are beautiful. Xo 💕

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