I’m just living my life as best I can with one foot on the right road and the other kicking furiously at this giant pain in the ass condition called Borderline Personality Disorder that I’ve been rubber stamped with. God Bless my darling husband for staying by my side even when there are days that we wake up and he waits patiently to see what version of me that he’s married to for the day. The same goes for my darling children. They have taken having a “koo-koo bird” mom in regal stride and have NEVER made me feel as if I were different or unloved in any way. If I’ve learned anything at all from this unasked for, unwanted “illness”, it’s to take each day as it comes and deal with it accordingly. Most importantly, to count my blessings. Even on my darkest days.
I’m also a highly sensitive person or Empath. For years I thought of it as a curse. As I’ve gotten older and learned how to discern my true feelings apart from the emotions I pick up on from those around me, I’ve come to recognize it as the blessing that it is and I try to treat it accordingly.
*WARNING* read at your own risk. If you are easily offended by an almost daily tirade of profanities or sentence enhancers as I prefer to call them, this blog is DEFINITELY not for you. I swear like a not so gently trained sailor. That being said, thanks for stopping by. I hope that you continue to follow my topsy turvy, turbulent, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes I’m not sure, roller coaster of an extraordinary life. I also struggle with PTSD, ADHD, OCD and Fibromyalgia. Yay. The hot mess express is coming to a station near you😊
The struggle is real❤️